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We are a California based company, focused on providing students with easy and reliable services. We offer tours to different states, music festivals,  and large shopping centers, etc.

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The American Student Partners is adamant on providing you with the best experience that you won’t forget. Our aim is to ensure that you will want to come back for another tour.  We have partnered with all of the finest airline, cruise liner, and car rental companies to provide you with a pleasant travel experience. You can select to be picked up/dropped off from  any airport and may even use our outstanding shuttle service to move around the city. American Student Partners has partnered with some of the finest hotel chain names to make your experience as comfortable as can be. To add on, we will provide you with a itinerary for the best restaurants and hot-spots in the city!

Move Around Your City. 

Move Around The Country. 


We are a one stop shop for all travel needs of international students such as ticketing, hotel/airport pick up/drop off, and shuttle services. Our rates are economical because we have partnered with all of the major domestic & international airlines, universities, and hotels. We have over 5 years of successful completion in travel industry. Our team includes experienced and competent travel professionals. We believe in the physical tailored assistance. Our team promptly responds within seconds during mentioned hours. We love to travel and love to plan it for you. It’s our passion that makes us stand out in the market.We can turn your travel fantasies into reality by creating your tour from scratch, just call or contact us.24/7 travel assistance for both Domestic and International travel.

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Your safety is our priority.

We guarantee that our drivers are highly trained professionals who can handle anything that happens on the road. They will observe the highest levels of competence and professionalism so that you won’t have any worries whatsoever. We know how challenging some of the exotic trails can be. However, that’s nothing compared to what our drivers are trained to handle. Moreover, American Student Partners team vows to provide the best possible tourist guides that have the complete know-how of the historical significance of each landmark that you visit. Our tour guides are highly professional and well-read to ensure that you will not only enjoy the beauty, rather also familiarize yourself with the history and immerse yourself in the culture of the land .Tourist sites can be highly dangerous if proper caution is not observed. That is why our services consist of a highly-trained staff that is trained to provide first aid so you’ll have nothing to worry about.  

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Concierge services include but are not limited to; Phone/Sim Card Assistance, Bank Assistance, Bike/Scooter Rental, Car Shopping/Rental, Week Zero, etc. Our Week Zero program includes access to an exclusive hotline for 24 hour assistance. 

our rental SERVICES

We offer a great range of vehicles such as bicycles, scooters and cars. Rent options are daily, weekly, or monthly. Students also have the choice of purchasing their vehicle. 




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Unlike other competitors, we understand the difficulty of traveling and being able to find reliable and affordable transportation. We offer a range of services, from airport pick-ups, tourist group trip, bike rentals and many more. We accept requests and will try to accommodate the request as much as possible. 

Professional Photography

Our photographers know their way around a DSLR, and you can be ensured that they will adequately capture the essence of your travels. So, every time you look back at the pictures and reminisce, it will feel like you’re reliving the moment.

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