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Concierge Services

Settle and Adjust. Welcome to Week Zero

Student Concierge Services

Sim Card and Phone

American Student Partners helps students set up their phone with American phone services and advise them what affordable and reliable phones to purchase in order to communicate efficiently. We understand parents are often worried therefore getting them set up with a network quickly is essential.

Bank Assistance

American Student Partners helps consult students about which banks are best for using based for international accounts.

Bicycle/Scooter Rental

American Student Partners rents electric bicycles, regular bicycles, and scooters so that you can move around the town without any dependence. You can easily conduct your chores faster while having fun!

Car Shopping And Rental

American Student Partners offers car rental to all students over the age of 18 with a valid foreign/domestic drivers license. Additionally, we provide consultations with our car experts for students looking to purchase a vehicle. Our car experts can help students find the car they desire, and go as far as negotating the price at any dealership. 

Week Zero

Settle and Adjust. When a new student arrives in the USA, American Student Partners is there to offer support in everything such as how to do laundry; how to take bus to a school, find (international)grocery store. In our Week Zero Program, we help first time international students to completely set up. Overall, we help students settle down taking care of their basic needs and guiding them to become independent during the first week. Week Zero students also gain access to our exclusive 24 hours hotline that answers the questions and concerns of students at any time!

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